Circle Portions - Set 2

Explanation: A circle is the set of points, in a plane, that are equidistant from a center point.  The circle may be described as a length in units such as meters or it may be described as 360°.  A portion of the circle is also a portion of the distance or a portion of the 360°. 

Examples: A portion of a circle, such as 90°, may be converted to a fraction of a circle by using 2 simple steps.  First, the number of degrees of the portion is placed into a fraction as the numerator and 360° is placed into the denominator. 

 90°/360° = 1/4,   So 90° is 1/4 of a circle                           120°/360° = 1/3,    So 120° = 1/3 of a circle

Directions: For each problem in this problem set, you will be given a portion of a circle as indicated as a number of degrees, such as 270° and you are to convert it to a simplified fraction.  Strive for ease of accomplishing the problems and then strive for speed.  Good luck and enjoy the challenge!