About Monumental Math

Mary Ann developed all the sets of problems for this website. She has taught math and/or science for 19 years, volunteered at elementary, middle and high schools for 22 years, and is currently a professional tutor. As she has taught, volunteered, and tutored, she has used hundreds of sets of flashcards that cover dozens of topics in math, algebra and geometry. Utilizing the flashcards has helped students concentrate on one skill level and get instant feedback. She enjoys motivating students, who can focus on accomplishing one skill level, gaining accuracy, and then gaining speed. Putting the problems onto a website is a way to help perhaps millions of students!

Future plans for Monumental Math include expanding the number of Problem Sets, providing short "how to" videos for most of the Problem Sets. Mary Ann plans to developer match game apps to supply another method to help users strengthen their understanding, accuracy, and speed.