Rectangle Perimeters - Set 1


The perimeter of a rectangle is the distance around it.  There are 2 formulas for finding the perimeter.  The formulas are

P = 2L + 2W


P = 2(L + W)

Both equations have multiplication and addition.


A rectangle may have a length 12 and a width of 4.  Using the first formula, the equation becomes

P = 2 * 12 + 2 * 4

which becomes 24 + 8 which is 32.  Using the second formula, the equation becomes

P = 2(12 + 4)

which becomes 2(16) which is 32.


For each problem of this problem set you will be given the length and width, such as 8 & 3.  The units will not be listed and you can ignore listing units for the perimeter.  The emphasis is on learning and applying the formula.  Strive to accomplish the problems with ease, using either formula, and then strive for speed.  Good luck and enjoy the challenge!