Real Life: Jobs For Kids - Set 2


Earning money is fun.  Kids can have fun earning money by doing small jobs.  Examples of small jobs for kids include walking a dog, cleaning, mowing lawns, babysitting or vacuuming.  Kids may decide to have a goal, such as $75.  To calculate their earnings, they simply multiply two numbers.  To calculate their total earnings they simply add the earnings from each job.  Observe these examples.


Tessa earns $15 babysitting for one family, and has done this 3 times.  She also earns $10 babysitting for another family, and has done this 4 times.  Calculate her total earnings.   18 * 3 = 54     10 * 5 = 50  54 + 50 = 104    Tessa has earned $104.

Tonya has a goal to earn $100.  She earns $20 for mowing a neighbor's yard.  She also earns $5 for trimming the yard.  She has done each 5 times.  Calculate her total earnings and decide if she has met her goal.     20 * 5 = 100     5 * 5 = 25    100 + 25 = 125       Tonya has earned $125 and yes, she has met her goal.


Read each problem carefully and calulate their earnings.  You may have to decide if they have met their goal.  Use the steps shown above.  Strive first for high accuracy and then strive to increase your speed.  Good luck and I hope you enjoy the challenge!