Identify the Graph, Given the Equation - Set 1


Equations written in Slope-Intercept Form look like y = mx + b and tell two things about the graph of the equation.  The 'm' is the slope and the 'b' is the y-intercept.  The 'y' intercept means the ordered pair  (0, b).  From that point, the line follows the slope, 'm'.  The slope is best considered to be a fraction of the vertical change over the horizontal change.  When the slope is positive, the line slopes up to the right.  For the equation y = 4x - 2, the 'm' is 4/1 and 'b' is - 2.  When the slope is negative, the line slopes up to the left.  For  the equation y = - 3x the ''m' is - 3/1 and the 'b' is 0, which means the line crosses at (0,0).  When the slope is zero, the line is horizontal and the equation looks like y = number.



Analyze the given equation and decide which shows the graph of the equation.  Strive first for accuracy and then strive to increase your speed.  Good luck and enjoy the challenge!