Cut It In Half - Set 2


Being able to easily divide a number by 2, also called 'cut a number in half' is a helpful math tactic to use.  Each of the 2-digit numbers has a tens digit that is an odd number and the units digit that is an even number, such as 56.  To 'cut it in half' consider 56 is the sum of 2 even numbers, such as 56 = 40 +16.  Each of those portions of 56 are easy to 'cut in half'.  Since half of 40 is 20 and half of 16 is 8, half of 56 is 28.


Consider the number 96.  Break it into 80 and 16, then 'cut each in half'.  Since 80 'cut in half' is 40 and 16 'cut in half' is 8, so 96 'cut in half' is 48.  Easy!

For the number 34, break it into 20 and 14.  1/2 of 20 = 10 and 1/2 of 14 = 7, so 1/2 of 34 is 17.  Easy!


In this problem set you will be given a 2-digit number.  You need to cut it in half.  Strive to use the tactic shown above and then strive to increase your speed using that tactic.  Good luck and enjoy the challenge!